Our strength is the result of our experience and our business model that allows us to provide cutting edge solutions that flex with your needs.

We have experience in almost every therapeutic area across commercial and clinical positions, sales, marketing, operations, business development, and even head office positions. Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Biotech are also part of our resume. Our team is built entirely of hard working industry experts that will work with you to develop solutions to even the most challenging situations.

Wendy Wolf, President & Founder

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As President and Founder of ImpactBio, Wendy is responsible for establishing the guiding principles of the company and aligning the strategy, scale, and talent required to realize the vision.

Wendy is a successful sales, marketing, operations, and business development leader with over 24 years of experience. Her breadth of experience in Pharma began with American Cyanamid/Lederle Labs Division, Wyeth, and then Pfizer in roles of increasing responsibility.

Wendy also has broad experience on the service side of the industry with six years of experience at four Contract Sales Organizations (CSOs). She lead  the Commercial and Clinical Business Units, which included oversight of Field Sales, Clinical Educators, Call Center, Operations, and Business Development. Wendy was also responsible for building  the Operational structure within the CSOs, as well as for clients across Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device.  Wendy’s success is driven by her commitment to excellence, integrity, and team spirit. Her track record of success is one that is shared with her teams and her client partners.

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Lori Danek, Vice President Talent Acquisition

Lori Danek brings over 18 years of Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech Recruiting experience to our clients. This includes Direct-to-Headcount Recruitment as well as recruiting for Outsourced teams for her clients.  Lori’s experience with the recruitment of sales teams, clinical educator teams, call center representatives, head office, and senior management roles for our clients is unparalleled in the industry. Lori’s team of Recruitment Specialists from across the U.S. are a diverse group of former leaders of people who know exactly how to match talent to a profile to deliver the perfect candidate to our clients. Her ability to source top talent in the industry is why our clients continue to come to her for every new position they need.

Kate Mikailov, Director Human Resources


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Business Development:

Collin Wolf

Collin Wolf, Pharm D (2019), Business Development Analyst

Keithroy Smith

Keithroy Smith, Business Development


Operations and Sales Leadership:

Rusty Jackson, Sales Leader

Rusty pic


Rusty Jackson’s years of experience in Pharma spans Hospital, CNS, and Field Sales Leadership across varied therapeutic areas. Rusty has successfully built and led Sales and Service teams as a National Director.



Kim DiRico, RN, Sales & Clinical Leader

215814_2034046654650_5901990_nKim DiRico’s leadership spans across Commercial and Clinical Teams within Pharma and Biotech. Kim has experience with numerous new product launches and growing existing brands, even those post-LOE. She has a long track record of success building successful sales, service, and nurse educator teams.


Blake Kelley, Sales Leader


Blake Kelley has more than 32 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, directing over 1,000 employees in companies with revenues in excess of $200M.  He has strong  experience in sales, operations, and marketing across numerous therapeutic areas.

Training Leadership:

Our team of Trainers and Training Facilitators bring years of Training experience along with successful positions within Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device, and IT organizations that bring the ‘field real’ experience to our training curriculum. We specialize in Product Training, Sales Training, Management Development and CRM/Technical /Systems Development and Training. In addition, we have Bi-Lingual Trainers to support your needs in various markets.

Recruitment Team:

Our Recruitment Team is one that spans across the U.S. to ensure we have the most robust talent network available for our clients. In addition to years of successful Recruiting experience, our Talent Acquisition Specialists have experience as Sales & Clinical Leaders, Sales & Specialty Representatives, and Operations Leaders in numerous Therapeutic Areas across Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device.


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