Our Business Model

Recruitment Services | Operational Support | Outsourced Solutions

At ImpactBio our goal is to support our client partners based on their changing needs. We purposefully built our structure with this goal in mind.

Our core strength is our experience. The ImpactBio business model is simple – our infrastructure flexes with our clients’ needs. By keeping our staff tied to our clients’ needs we maintain flexibility with the added benefit of cost efficiencies that we share with clients.

We tap into trusted partners and experts to ensure that our clients are served by experts. It’s critical to our collective success to engage subject matter experts. No one is looking for the ‘B’ team to support their needs.

ImpactBio Experts Work in Every Aspect of the Industry: Launch Leaders, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Recruiting, Business Development, Financial Investors, Payor Markets, Distributor Channels, 3PL, Branding, Medical Writers, Digital, Non-Personal Promotion, Channel Experts… are just a few examples.

See how our business model can help your team. Projects can be big or small – we are always happy to help!

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